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I have to tell you how much our family and my sister's family enjoyed your Advent Book last year. Our children didn't focus on Santa Claus or the presents under the tree- they couldn't wait to open the next door of the book and to retell the Christmas story. So- I wish I could buy one of your books for all the families in our congregation...


We are Americans living and working in China. We were home in the States in 2000, and purchased your book from Crossway. We have three children, two 3 1/2 years olds and a 9 year old. We cannot begin to tell you what a treasure your book has become to our family. Advent is the biggest event in our family each year, and we all look forward in anticipation to preparing for our Lord's birthday. Our children just cannot wait until it is time to get out our "door" book. Each night they take turns opening a new door and our oldest gets to read behind the door. We want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this book available. It has already become a tradition for our advent celebration, and has been a source of tremendous blessing to us. This is already a gift put away for each of our children on their wedding day, so they too can carry on the tradition.

Just wanted to tell you that the day after we received your beautiful book, a friend was here and fell in love with it also, and told me Monday that she had bought 15 copies! Thank you for your beautiful expression of God's love.

I discovered your book two years ago at Wal-Mart and bought one for myself. It was wrapped in cellophane and I had no idea what I was getting. I just hoped that the title matched my expectations...a book version of the daily advent calendars which I had grown up opening each day of December. My expectations were so far surpassed that I returned the next day and bought all 4 of the remaining copies to send as gifts for my family and friends. With the help of your book, my three-year-old son has been more excited about opening the red Christmas door than opening the presents under the tree. And that is for two years in a row. Another result of the repetitive reading: he is walking around reciting Scripture (or in some cases, adaptations of it). Yesterday, he was over at our nativity set, picked up the angel and quoted word-for-word the proclamation of peace for all people. Thank you for sharing your family tradition with the mass market. It is something we look forward to every year. In addition to providing us a tool for refocusing our holiday attentions on Jesus, it has also proven to be a witnessing tool as well!... I love that John 3:16 is the one we wait for all month!


I purchased your gorgeous publication Dec. 2000, so this will be our third reading. To pull down this manual from our Christmas cupboard is a real thrill for me - such quality and love has gone in to its presentation. Each year I purchase something significant - when I laid my hands on your book, it was a dream realized, one of those blessings that I have over the years wondered if it exists or ever will. Thanks to your whole family. We have loved every minute of it. From Alice Springs, center of Australia, down under.


When I was growing up my parents had one based around the weeks of Advent, rather than the chronological calendar, but that one has long since passed its prime, and I wanted something that my children could remember and keep for years to come. Imagine my joy when I found your book! What a God-send!


For me, each door is a treasure and opening them to the drawings and words of inspiration is pure delight. The book “feeds” me and my spirit, I suppose my soul. I took a peek at the (upcoming) doors and the final one just brought tears of joy to my eyes.


It is a real work of art that touches the heart... and soul. As I browsed through and opened each door I was immediately drawn in to that wonderful story again. The art is fresh, as if all the people just came to life!

I live in Oak Park, Illinois. Is there a store nearby to purchase your book? One was given to my family for Christmas 2002, and we just think very highly of your book. I am looking to acquire six copies. If there is not a place nearby, is there still time to order them from your website for pre Christmas delivery?

Thank you so much for the time and effort you poured into this Christmas book. I was moved this evening after reading it as a family (catching up since we didn’t get the book until today and it’s the 9th)— I was moved because I felt it such a privilege to have such a beautiful book around which we could celebrate and relish the time and meaning of Christmas— and of our lives really. Before the time this evening, I honestly would not have guessed a book like this could bless us as a family in this way.


We just wanted you to know how wonderful your book is. This year we will begin a new tradition with our 11 and 13 yr. old children. We are Christians and have never observed Advent except when it was our turn to light the candle in church. Even then, we didn't pay attention to the meaning of what we were doing. We are so excited to begin...The toddler hands of my nieces found the colors and doors irresistible! We live in Cartersville, Georgia and plan to share your book with friends and family who visit during the Holidays.... .for many years to come. People who are not interested in the story of Jesus will hear it. Simply because your book will pull them in.


Every year my husband gives me one special book for Christmas and this year I knew it had to be this book. My gift came early to enjoy through the holiday and to see the joy and excitement it brought my 2 1/2 year old son was priceless. He was so excited to open the doors and see what was behind each. Many days we would open a door and he would look at the pictures and exclaim "wow". He was so excited to open the doors that one morning he couldn't wait for us to get up.


As I moved from the ornaments to the Christmas Books in our local Christian Book Store, I saw "The Advent Book". So beautiful! I picked it up. It looked like it had never been opened. I hesitated to remove the band of paper, but had to look inside. My heart was overwhelmed when I saw the artistry, the obvious work of love, the beauty and the worship I saw expressed inside. I believe that the Lord kept that book for us.


The Advent Book isn't just for Advent anymore! We're due to bring it over to for Question-and-Answer time (aka Bible Study!) any day now. Thank you so much for sharing your tradition. On Christmas Day, it gave the best present ever--it opened the doors of two, and possibly three, young hearts to Jesus for the very first time. And we believe their families will be following their footsteps soon!


Happy Holidays! We purchased an Advent Book for our pastor for Christmas. Just wanted to let you know that he LOVES it. Thank you for such a beautiful way to celebrate the season!


Our MOPS moms raved about your presentation and The Advent Book. I'm sure it has started a family tradition for many of them. Our family used your Advent book during the Christmas season and loved it! The kids couldn't wait to read it every night and we brought it with us on Christmas Day to my parents’ house and we read the entire book together and lit all the candles. My parents aren't believers and this was a great way to share the Christmas story with them. I know it will become a Christmas family tradition.


Just wanted to tell you how much our family is enjoying your book this Advent season! I purchased it from you at the Rochester "Hearts at Home" conference, and am so glad that I did. It has been a wonderful nightly reminder for our children (and ourselves) that this season is not about the extraneous details and overwhelming "busy-ness", but about the miracle of Christ's birth! Your illustrations are beautiful and our children (ages 6 and 8) have learned most of the early passages by heart now. They have also requested that we read this book together every December, as they are almost disappointed to see it coming to a close. I've just ordered another copy for my brother and his family, so they can begin the same Advent tradition next year.

A friend in my MOPS group introduced me to your beautiful Advent Book last year. My husband and I were so impressed with it, we've decided to give one to each of our brothers' and sisters' families this year for Christmas. I'd like to order seven books with different inscriptions. Thank you for the wonderful book! I'm sure each family will treasure it as an heirloom.


I purchased 6 advent books (2nd edition) for my siblings and my family a few years ago. We only had one child at that point and now we are blessed to have another. I would like to buy two more books for my kids so that they can have them for their own future. This is a great tradition that we have enjoyed doing nightly with the kids.


First of all, I saw your BEAUTIFUL ADVENT BOOK at a mother's Xmas party for our private homeschool group and the entire room was speechless!  We were all in awe of it. I vowed to find the book, etc. I did not know the author's (your) name, so finally found it on Ebay. When I found the book with all the doors, I was thrilled that this was it… It is beautiful.


Several years ago we bought your lovely Advent book after you came to talk at our church.  It has become an integral part of our family's Advent season--it is the first book the girls want to see when I bring down the Christmas books each year.  I'd like to buy 4 more to put away for when they each move out on their own--okay, now there's a really depressing thought that makes me teary to even think about! Thanks for any help you can give with this.


Advent has become increasingly important in our home because we are always "on the road" for Christmas. Not in 12 years of marriage or 8 years of parenting have we been able to wake up in our own beds on Christmas morning; instead of establishing a Christmas Eve or Christmas morning tradition, we enjoy our advent traditions...at the center of which is your book!


It is a wonderful book that has a prominent place in our home each season.


We read your book every Advent season & have for years. We give it as a Christmas gift to every family we know after birth of first child.


First, just want to compliment you on what has now become year four of a family tradition of using your Advent Book with our family. We first purchased the book when I heard you speak at a MOPS meeting in Oak Park in 2004 - I loved the book then but have become even more appreciative of it now with our own family traditions.

We are thrilled with the book!  Our children are still young (2 & 3 years old) but we are excited to start establishing our family's holiday traditions.  I wasn't sure how much they would get out of it, but they loved opening the doors and there were lots of "What's that?" kind of questions as they enjoyed the pictures.  I think as we build throughout Advent that it will be a really neat experience.


I looked several places, and called the publisher to find out that it is out of print before I found your listing and I was so grateful when I did.  It truly is a beautiful book.  I have a close friend who recommended it and told me that it is her children's (all 5 of them) favorite part of their Christmas tradition. They even have parts of it memorized!   I'm really looking forward to starting our family's tradition with it as well.


 My family and I have used your book as a part of our Christmas tradition for the last five years. My wife recently led a workshop at our church (she's the youth and family minister) called Advent by Candlelight. She purchased about two dozen of your books and sold them all to the 70 women at the workshop. She wanted to order more for other women who had requested them.


(This was forwarded to us from the recipient)
…Just couldn't wait to tell you how very moved we were to get your gift. The book is extraordinary! And the inscription from the authors which you obtained brought us to tears. We're getting a late start, but this evening, we plan to show it to ____ and to introduce him to the Advent tradition, candles and all. We'll got through the first 14 pages so that we can get caught up; then, each day, we'll allow him to light the candle, open a door, read the passage, sing a carol, pray, then blow out the candle. Thus your gift will begin a family tradition in which you will always be remembered and cherished…


I am a Christian Education Director. A friend has recently introduced me to your book and will soon show it at a Women’s Retreat themed “Keeping Christ in Christmas”. We would like to have 20 or so of your books on hand to sell at this retreat. 


Thank you so much for sending your wonderful book so quickly. I can't wait to give them to our 3 godchildren in hopes they start their own traditions within in their families. I first learned about your book through MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers, a religious stay-at-home moms support group). The woman spoke so highly of it that I went right home and checked out your website. I couldn't wait to order it. Finally something that focuses on the birth of Christ and not the commercial aspect of Christmas. I didn't want to participate in the advent calendars where the kids get candy or a gift each day - that was the exact opposite of what they should be learning. Christmas is about giving NOT getting. We purchased our first book a few years ago and love it more each year. It has become one tradition we will never lose. My oldest daughter looks forward to Advent and the reading of the book each day more so than Christmas. We read up to the special day, so usually by the 5th or 6th day she is reciting it for us. She will be turning 5 a few days after Christmas. ______ describes the Advent Book, "I love to open the doors and find the animals. I like to read the story to my mom and dad and looking at all the pictures of Jesus." My youngest is interested in finding the animals and is delighted she gets to open some of the doors for everyone to see what's inside. You have given our family a wonderful gift - a chance to sit together as a family each day during the busiest time of year and reflect on Christ and all he gives to us through His birth, death, and resurrection. Thank you and may you have a wonderful Christmas.


Hi Jack and Kathy---thought you might like to know your Advent book is still touching the lives of many people here in Hinsdale, IL.  Today, there was a family advent celebration and your book was set to slides that were narrated here by children in our parish.  There were about 250 people in attendance at today's program. 


Our family would be blessed to purchase 11 books for certain members of our homeschool and church groups

Thank you for this beautiful book. It a family tradition in our home and in many of the other homes of our extended family. It was introduced to us a few years ago by a cousin who's 3 year old had the story memorized and was telling it to us, word for word, because of their habit of reading it diligently every night. Anyway, thanks for persevering. Your work is a blessing to us every year.


As a father of two and a pastor, I have very much appreciated your creativity and care taken in putting The Advent Book together.  I purchased this for my family about 4 or 5 years ago, and have used it every year since, reading daily and anticipating the next door to open.  My children are now 11 and 13 and they still love it and look forward to the family daily sitting down to read it together.

I first learned about your book through MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers, a religious stay-at-home moms support group).  The woman spoke so highly of it that I went right home and checked out your website.  I couldn't wait to order it.  Finally something that focuses on the birth of Christ and not the commercial aspect of Christmas.  I didn't want to participate in the advent calendars where the kids get candy or a gift each day - that was the exact opposite of what they should be learning.   Christmas is about giving NOT getting.  We purchased our first book a few years ago and love it more each year.  It has become one tradition we will never lose.  My oldest daughter looks forward to Advent and the reading of the book each day more so than Christmas.  We read up to the special day, so usually by the 5th or 6th day she is reciting it for us.  She will be turning 5 a few days after Christmas.  Elise describes the Advent Book, "I love to open the doors and find the animals.  I like to read the story to my mom and dad and looking at all the pictures of Jesus."  My youngest is interested in finding the animals and is delighted she gets to open some of the doors for everyone to see what's inside.   You have given our family a wonderful gift - a chance to sit together as a family each day during the busiest time of year and reflect on Christ and all he gives to us through His birth, death, and resurrection.  Thank you and may you have a wonderful Christmas.


First of all, let me thank you for your lovely book. It has been a major part of our Christmas tradition since I bought it so many years ago. My 6 children, ages 16 to 3 weeks, all anxiously await the reading of the book each night before bed. I open the book and read the first page. Then I hand the book to one of the children. In turn, each one opens a door and reads what is behind it. On Christmas Eve, we bring the book to their grandparent's house and the children proudly read the book before any presents are opened. The Advent Book is a very wonderful present that you and your family have created, and like all wonderful things, it does not stop, but rather keeps giving. Not only to those who created it in love, but also to those, who in that same spirit of love, pass it on to those they love. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


My children Jack who is 4 years old and Hannah who is 2 are so excited about Baby Jesus' Birthday. They love reading the book each night and helping open the doors. They are especially mesmerized by your depiction of the Angel Gabrielle. My full name is Mary Elizabeth so of course Jack thinks that is "so cool" that I was named after Jesus' mother and her cousin. Thank you for helping our family focus on the "reason for the season."

Thank you for helping us to have an awesome fundraiser. We took three boxes of 8 books and we have sold them all… We have heard a lot of great comments since people were able to use the books right away. I hope we can sell the books again sometime. Thank you for helping us.


I just received the second of two Advent Books I ordered from you this season. I just wanted to say Thank You for making it such a special gift to give. I appreciate the extra effort you go to with autographing the book, packing it with care, and even gift wrapping the second one for me. I just wanted to say Thanks and Merry Christmas to you both.

My mom loved the book!!! Thank you so much for signing, gift wrapping and sending the book to us! I really appreciate it so much! We all can't wait for next year's advent season to open each door and experience the miracle of Christ's Birth through your book! :) We may have to do an early 2007 "advent time" here in January...and then again next December! :)

I look forward to sharing your book with more families. We just love how reading it each night plants the Christmas story in our mind, heart, and on our lips. Hearing my son quote the angels "Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy for all people...." filled me with heavenly delight. I wish I could give it to every family in our church and will try to work towards that goal next year, God-willing.

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