We have received many e-mails and phone calls asking about future availability of The Advent Book. Some of the inquiries have come from parents concerned that their children will be unable to continue the Advent tradition with their own families. Others have been from people looking for books in excellent condition. (As you may know, since the fall of 2010 only imperfect copies of The Advent Book have been left in print and a very limited number of those remain.)
Many people have been praying about the situation and we are all thanking God that He has given us a path forward for this year. We have raised funds by offering pre-orders for boxes of books at a discount. We can rarely afford to discount the book price, so this is a rare opportunity for people to save money on their purchases while helping to continue the ministry of The Advent Book.

The discount being offered is on books by the box (eight in a box). The discount, including the savings on shipping, is $14.45 per book. FYI: You are welcome to find friends to go in on a box as long as the books are mailed to only one location. We encourage you to forward this letter to members of your churches, schools, MOPS group, Bible study, small group, book club, or Facebook friends.

You CAN pre-order just one or two books instead of a full box. The discount on single books is 4.95 per copy.
The sale ends on Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The new version of the book will have all of the same heirloom features (cloth binding, gold stamping, ribbons, & gilded page edges), but with even sturdier doors.

If you have questions or would like more information, please feel free to e-mail us or call us at 708-386-4326.
Your prayers for the ministry of The Advent Book and Celebrations & Traditions are a blessing and very much appreciated! Thank you.
Summary of Costs
Cost per book without discount: $48.00
Cost per book with discount for ordering a box of eight: $41.00
Cost for box of 8 books: $328.00, plus $20.00 shipping ~ TOTAL: $328.00
Cost of Advent Book & shipping at regular price = $56.
Cost of Advent Book with shipping = $43.50 / Savings per book: $12.50
Books will be available in the fall of this year, 2011.

If you live in the Chicago area and can pick up your books, please do a phone order to save on the cost of shipping.

Here is a taste of responses to The Advent Book we've received from readers...


"This book has changed our lives and how we celebrate the season of Advent."


"I think this book will probably be one of the most treasured possessions which we leave behind us."


"Part of our family's December evenings for ten years now! Back then it was one child, she opened every door herself. Now it's four children and they can't wait until it's their turn/their day to open the new door. As an added bonus, they all have the Christmas story from Matthew and Luke committed to memory!"


"Our grandchildren, 3 and 6, love to "read" it to us. It is a joy to see them so excited for their devotions at Christmas time... They say it is sad when there are no more pages!"


"We've had this book for 8 years and it has been a treasured family tradition every Christmas... I expect it will last my lifetime... One of my best purchases ever!!"


"I purchased this book when it was first published. My four children alternate reading the pages every day - and have eagerly done so for five years. We enjoy the beautiful pictures. and they can recite the entire book at this point! My oldest recently asked me to purchase four more, so they could repeat the tradition with THEIR families when they grow up."


"This wonderful book is as central to our Christmas celebration as is our Christmas tree! We look forward to Advent in ways that we never did before. The Advent Book began a tradition in our family that allows us to really be attuned to the meaning of Christmas. Our almost three year old also loves the book so much that she has her own copy that she reads year-round. (Our "family copy" was so cherished that I didn't want to risk the wear of toddler-reading -- though in hindsight, this is a wonderfully sturdy book that has absolutely passed the test of durability!!!) Not only has this book become a Christmas tradition in our home, it has also become a tradition for us to gift this book to our loved ones for weddings and anniversaries. This book helps people establish traditions that enrich their family life and spiritual experience. Families of all ages and stages will cherish this beautiful book."



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Has the publisher for The Advent Book changed?


A: From 2000-2007, Crossway published The Advent Book. They sold 55,000 copies in three different versions. At the end of 2007 Crossway Books returned the publishing rights to Jack & Kathy Stockman. The Heirloom Edition of The Advent Book has been in print by us since the fall of 2008 under the name Open Doors. The name symbolizes God’s opening of doors to new opportunities and blessings~ And of course it’s a perfect fit for a book that has 25 doors to open!


Q: What is different about the Heirloom Edition?


A: The Heirloom Edition is very similar to the first edition of The Advent Book printed in 2000. This version was the most popular and the one most suited to be a treasured family tradition and heirloom. Improvements are debossing of the gold letters, a matte finish on the cover, gold gilding on the page edges, and double-sided ribbon ties.


Q: Is there a discount for large orders from churches and other organizations?


A: Yes. For several years the Stockmans have offered a free book for every six purchased. In addition to continuing that policy, they will offer a discount to retailers, depending on the quantity ordered. Churches and organizations are welcome to buy discounted quantities of The Advent Book to use for fundraising, sell in the church bookstore, or offer as a premium for donations. (Terms: Non-returnable / Payment-on-receipt-of-order, including cost of shipping)


Q: Will you sign my book?


A: We inscribe the title page of each book ordered on our site with a greeting and our signatures. We are also willing to include personal inscriptions on the "This Book Belongs To" and title pages, but since we are very busy traveling and doing Celebration of Christmas presentations in November & December, shipping of personalized books during those months may be delayed by several days. There is no charge for inscriptions of any kind.


Q: Why are there only imperfect copies available?


A: Unfortunately, the overseas printing project was lacking in quality control and a large percentage of the books were not produced to the standard that they should have been. The imperfect books are the only ones remaining. Examples of problems are very slight dents where a ribbon tie flipped up during packing and pressed into the book or a slight mar in the surface of the cover. The most common defect is slight bowing~ The book looks normal, but doesn't lie perfectly flat. None of the defects are really obvious. If you decide to order an imperfect book at the discounted price ($40.), you may return it for a full refund if you are not satisfied.